Feb 20

My Interview on PTSD


Hi, this is an interview I did here in New Zealand on the effects PTSD has had on me and my family.  Please share.:)   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4I63tfwO4FI&feature=youtu.be

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  1. gordon weare

    I know I can talk ok with other PTS blokes, as I discovered meeting a fellow of like mind. I had a bad response with my dentist [ it was him behind me, and it has something to do with being attacked from behind. It was no great deal, but my new dentist… was obviously asking questions.. I was dreadfullly confused and could barely talk – I seem to lose my speech for a while, but insist I am ok.. just give me a moment. I struggled to say I have PTS trouble occasionally. To which he replies “Are you being honest” ! This really hax me off. And I notice with political-correctness this term ‘Traumatised’ is bandied about far too liberally – and as you can guess – makes me never want to mention it, which is what I do, but am told I need to talk I have been treated with EMDR. I am a lot better in many ways. but this unpredictable when, where etc, to me anyway is an embarrassment of sort. My fists clench tight, my arms go rigid and I lose my speech and get confused. I lost my job in about 1991, after 18 years on it. I have been kept by my wife mainly. I would simply like to talk to another bloke, preferably ex-service, as I think it would be good ? Gordon

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