I am committed to helping others and passing on my experiences and sharing my inspirational stories that have enabled me to move along the journey to wellness. This ride has truly been a rollercoaster from my years of thinking I had this under control to the complete meltdown and then through the recovery.

Life has offered me many great opportunities and challenges but none that could have prepared me for what I was about to go through. This journey has been one of enlightenment and challenges on a daily basis, but none that I couldn’t overcome. Some take longer than others, however, each challenge has an outcome, and it’s just a matter of finding your way through it.

I believe that sharing my story and experiences will also enable and inspire others to overcome their challenges, whether it be struggling through this illness or just trying to realise their full potential.

If you would like to be in touch with me in relation to speaking or facilitating a motivation and inspiration session please get in touch via the Contact page.


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