PTSD, Bill Blaikie, and This Site!

Why have I set up this website? During my journey to wellness and thirst for knowledge about PTSD, I was constantly on the lookout for more information. I found a lot of websites, books on PTSD and Trauma written by clinical professionals, however, not much written by sufferers like myself. I wanted something more, something special, a place I could go to find a ‘one stop shop’ for people like me suffering from PTSD.


Confucius tells us not just that we should let ourselves pick things up or let them down, but that we also should do everything we can to give help to those who need it.  This is what we mean by ‘If you give a rose, the scent will remain on your hands’.

Giving can bring more happiness than receiving.


My Aim – ‘Is to raise the awareness for those suffering from PTSD that you are not alone’.

My Objectives are to:

  • Increase the knowledge of PTSD among those with the illness,
  • Increase the awareness of PTSD for supporters of those suffering      the illness,
  • Introduce a trusted forum to communicate in a safe environment and      share experiences, and
  • Share the success stories of those who have overcome PTSD

This website is for PTSD sufferers of all walks of life whether you are from the Military, Police, Ambulance, or Fire Service or have suffered any form of trauma or abuse. We all have the similar symptoms and issues so I invite you to use this website as a place to read about others stories related to PTSD, tell your story, find research items and tell your family and friends they to are not alone. You can choose what and how you want to say your piece and decide if you want to remain anonymous – it’s up to you!

Disclaimer: This is not a professional medical service, if you require medical attention or if you just want to talk to a professional then contact your doctor/general practitioner, local or national mental health service.


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