Links to sites that help

For those in New Zealand who need help go to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand or Depression

The   Australian Defence Force Mental health and  wellbeing has a range of services and resources to support   your mental health and wellbeing, by helping you prepare for challenging times, create effective support networks, and become more resilient, positive and self-reliant.

We can also assist you to find help when things get too much or you need   guidance and referral.

The UK Combat   Stress website: Last year, we saw a 10%   increase in demand for our specialist services caring for Veterans’ mental   health.

Combat Stress delivers dedicated treatment and support to ex-Service   men and women with conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD),   depression and anxiety disorders. Our services are free of charge to the   Veteran.     Great Site

The US has a compressive PTSD network especially for veterans. The   following links are their support services and resources available to all veterans.

I would like to add 2 websites from in the US.  Although this is a US website it has some amazing information and tools for those suffering with substance abuse, addiction and treatment. I encourage you to spread the word and use these websites.

Another great site that Veterans can turn to if you are struggling with substance abuse. The Recovery Village is based throughout the USA.

Addiction Treatment for Veterans – USA

Addiction Resources for Veterans When the brave and selfless heroes from our armed forces return home, unforeseen difficulties often present themselves as they try to readjust to life stateside. The way many individuals attempt to mask their struggles is by abusing drugs and alcohol. While this is a relatively common practice, it can be an …

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