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During your journey to recovery and wellness it is important that you not only understand what you as an individual is going through but to also know ‘You are not Alone’. This page is dedicated to those sufferers of PTSD to tell their stories about their journey, including the pitfalls and revelations that have led them to wellness. I personally found that reading about others’ journey through PTSD was a great help. It is very enlightening to know that what I was going through was not unique. What was more important is the techniques different people use to overcome some of the deliberating symptoms so they can get on with rebuilding their lives.

I invite individuals to share their stories with others. Please note that you are not obliged to share your personal details just your story. I have also established a Facebook link to ’ PTSD-youarnotalone’ where you can make contact with others and share your story with your family and friends.


David’s Story

I have just discovered Bills story via a weekend newspaper and found his honesty refreshing and humbling. My name is David Hale and I live in Napier. I joined the NZ Army as a fifteen year old Cadet in January 1963 and was about the fourth youngest person in the NZ Army for that entire …

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