My Interview on PTSD

I was recently interviewed for television in New Zealand about my journey so far and how living with PTSD affects not only me but also my wife, my children, and so many other aspects of my life on a day to day basis.

It’s about 5 minutes long, and includes some footage of my wife Nancy discussing our journey – please take a minute to watch and share if you think this might also help benefit someone else dealing with the effects of PTSD.


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  1. I know I can talk ok with other PTS blokes, as I discovered meeting a fellow of like mind. I had a bad response with my dentist [ it was him behind me, and it has something to do with being attacked from behind. It was no great deal, but my new dentist… was obviously asking questions.. I was dreadfullly confused and could barely talk – I seem to lose my speech for a while, but insist I am ok.. just give me a moment. I struggled to say I have PTS trouble occasionally. To which he replies “Are you being honest” ! This really hax me off. And I notice with political-correctness this term ‘Traumatised’ is bandied about far too liberally – and as you can guess – makes me never want to mention it, which is what I do, but am told I need to talk I have been treated with EMDR. I am a lot better in many ways. but this unpredictable when, where etc, to me anyway is an embarrassment of sort. My fists clench tight, my arms go rigid and I lose my speech and get confused. I lost my job in about 1991, after 18 years on it. I have been kept by my wife mainly. I would simply like to talk to another bloke, preferably ex-service, as I think it would be good ? Gordon

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