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Addiction Treatment for Veterans – USA

Addiction Resources for Veterans

Canadian army culture rife with prejudice against seeking PTSD help, says veteran

Retired warrant officer Andy Godin vividly remembers the warm night he got  off the plane, returning from the cauldron of shellfire and snipers that was  Sarajevo. A non-commissioned officer dragged a chair to the centre of the hangar, stood  on it and told hundreds of assembled troops that if anyone had any problem with  their …

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Psychiatrist warns bureaucracy is worsening veterans’ PTSD

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Broadcast: 06/06/2013 Reporter: Michael Brissenden With post traumatic stress disorder now thought to be more deadly for veterans than the war they served in, a leading trauma psychiatrist says Veterans Affairs’ bureaucracy is making the situation worse.   Psychiatrist warns bureaucracy is worsening veterans’ PTSD

Hundreds of soldiers help send off Sapper David Wood

Another Australian soldier has committed suicide,

Defence ‘all talk, no action’ on PTSD

Defence ‘all talk, no action’ on PTSD: Afghanistan war veterans . Michael Clarke and Tim  Wilson at Mates 4 Mates recovery centre. Picture: Mark Calleja

My Interview on PTSD

I was recently interviewed for television in New Zealand about my journey so far and how living with PTSD affects not only me but also my wife, my children, and so many other aspects of my life on a day to day basis. It’s about 5 minutes long, and includes some footage of my wife …

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Makeover for ‘Stiff British Upper Lip’

Makeover for ‘Stiff British Upper Lip’

Life at the End of ‘A Very Dark Tunnel’

RSA Review Summer 2012

Promise of ongoing help to comrades of the fallen

By Audrey Young Email Audrey 5:30 AM Thursday Oct 4, 2012 Minister of Defence makes a secret visit to Afghanistan with NZ’s military chief Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman. Photo / Steven McNicholl Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman says some comrades of the New Zealand troops killed in Afghanistan will need ongoing support when they get back …

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Listern to this very powerful and true song by Marine and Iraq veteran Stephen Cochran

Stephen cochran music video