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Addiction Treatment for Veterans – USA

Addiction Resources for Veterans

The Recovery Village

Substance Abuse Resources for Veterans They volunteered their time and service to our country. They sacrificed their comfort and peace of mind. “They” are the veterans of the United States military. Many men and women retire from the military with memories they wish they didn’t have. For many of them, these plaguing thoughts have the …

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Two amazing websites on information and tools for those suffering with substance abuse, addiction and treatment.

I would like to add 2 websites from in the US.  Although this is a US website it has some  I encourage you to spread the word and use these websites.

PTSD treatment confronts the trauma behind the disorder

This and many more articles from the official page of the US Military Health System (

The battle after the war

As troops return to the Middle East, the true cost of our decade at war is just beginning to be felt at home. Kumi Taguchi goes inside the PTSD healing process. Credits ABC (Australian Broadcasting Network) Journalist, researcher: Kumi Taguchi Photographer, producer: Tim Leslie Photographer: Karen Brookes Designer, photo post-production: Ben Spraggon Developer: Colin Gourlay Editors: Cristen …

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PTSD: A Growing Epidemic

Years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq have brought post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD ) among military personnel to the attention of the American people as never before. But PTSD is also found among survivors of natural disasters, victims of crime, and many others who have experienced traumatic events.  

Upcoming launch of my new book

My journey through PTSD: Just finished talking with my publishing coach and I am happy to announce that I have FINISHED my book – the manuscript is sitting at 30,000 words, translating to approx 150 PAGES – plus another 6,000 extra material provided by my gorgeous wife Nanc, which instead of being the introduction will …

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